Wednesday, November 10, 2010

An introduction to me

Introductions are never easy, especially when I want to start blogging about the relocation to Copenhagen, the crazy work schedule that I have for the next 3 months. However, in order for you to fully comprehend my endless ramble about Danish life, I should first introduce myself and what this blog is all about.

I'm Tracy. I have a beauty blog. I love to camwhore in my bedroom. Yes, I think I'm vain. Quite vain, in fact. I have 10+ lipsticks that are the same pink shade. I have 20+ different blushes that are the same shade. This blog will be different. It's going to just be everything and anything about places, food, and sites. 

I will start my adventures in Europe, Latin America and Asia, where my job requires me to travel to. Yes, I love my job. This blog will give you an idea what it takes to relocate, European quirks and what it's like to live in Denmark.

Mind you, this is not Lonely Planet. I don't eat slugs, live in the outback, or travel to every single site possible to give you accommodation recommendations. But, you will see photos of the places I visit. To respect my friends and colleagues privacy, I will not post pictures of people who have not given me permission. And I will post pictures of myself occasionally (quality controlled with the vainest smile eva) ;)

I hope you enjoy this blog!

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  1. i am soooo following your blog which i happen to think is cool!!! i can't wait to read about you thoughts and rants on starting a new in Denmark!! Fellow Singaporean friend it's nice to have bumped on to your blog... NOw , all the best have FUN!


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