Monday, November 15, 2010

This is the first time my company is recruiting me from outside of Europe, and it feels like the blind leading the blind at the moment. But they did offer some general websites for my reading.

Once I have figured out how to proceed with everything, I will do a detailed post about the 1-2-3's of how to relocate to Denmark. For now, the company is calculating my taxable income. Taxes in Singapore is approximately 20%, and in Denmark it's 56%. If you're on an expat package, you need to think about what your net income and taxable income should be based on various factors, including kids education etc.

VAT is 25% in Denmark. Living expenses is very high. Here's the typical breakdown for a typical Danish family:
  • Housing and maintenance 22%
  • Food and beverages, including tobacco 17%
  • Transport and communication 17%
  • Other products and services, e.g. child care 13%
  • Leisure equipment, entertainment 11%
  • Heating, electricity 7%
  • Home supplies 6%
  • Clothing, shoes 5%
  • Medicine and medical expenses 2%
Although this is quite a generic expense breakdown, the most expensive things in Denmark are services, food and housing. If your sink breaks down, you will be expected to pay for the transportation, a flat fee + hourly rate for a basic plumbing service. It can easily come up to $150-$200 for a half-an-hour job.

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